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Limited Tort Problems?
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For two decades now, Our Law Offices have been helping individuals in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania in all types of accident cases involving limited tort coverage. With an accomplished team of attorneys, we’ll work tirelessly to help you resolve your claim and receive the compensation you are justly owed.

We never represent an insurance company, primary insurer or other large entity; we believe the real victims in accident and injury cases are the everyday people like you.



    Limited Tort Problems ?
    We’re Here to Help You

    For two decades now, Our Law Offices have been helping individuals in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania in all types of accident cases involving limited tort coverage. With an accomplished team of attorneys, we’ll work tirelessly to help you resolve your claim and receive the compensation you are justly owed.



      We never represent an insurance company, primary insurer or other large entity; we believe the real victims in accident and injury cases are the everyday people like you.

      We Have Experience You Can Rely On


      Unfortunately many car accidents do inflict injuries. In the state of Pennsylvania, if you have selected the auto insurance Limited Tort choice then you are not able to sue a negligent driver for what is called non-economic damages, which are normally considered to be pain and suffering as a result of the car accident.




      Our goal is to work alongside you.  Our team of Pennsylvania accident attorneys lends our knowledge and experience to victims.  Our team works diligently in navigating the complicated stages of processing an accident or injury claim.  We make sure you can have not only a successful claim but also a better personal understanding of the law and the various stages and processes involved in an accident or personal injury case. We believe this level of understanding leads to a hassle- and worry-free experience.



      We Only Hire Pennsylvania’s Best Limited Tort Attorneys

      Pennsylvania is one of the few states that allow individuals to choose full tort coverage or limited tort when signing up for an insurance policy. Essentially, this decision is between paying more for full coverage or choosing limited tort, paying less, but giving up some of your rights to recover damages as a trade off.

      For many car owners, making this decision happens all too quickly, and the ramifications of their choice to save money with limited tort coverage never quite settles in until the absolute wrong time, when they’ve been in an accident. Because limited tort injury victims have the potential to lose their rights in recovering for certain damages, particularly pain and suffering from injuries, it becomes even more crucial for a limited tort accident victim to consult with one of the best accident lawyers in Philadelphia.


      The right legal solution will help you establish whether or not your limited tort coverage prevents you from making a claim. If it does bar you from making a claim, we’ll discuss why this is the case. On the other hand, if we believe your limited tort policy does not prevent you from making a claim, our team of top rated PA tort attorneys will immediately begin working with you to set the groundwork for your claims process.

      Exemptions Are the Primary Reason You Need to Consult With Pennsylvania’s Best Injury Lawyers

      It is important that Pennsylvanians understand that having limited tort coverage does not automatically mean you are barred from recovering any damages. Certain exceptions may apply to your unique situation. Some of these exemptions can even let you recover for pain and suffering from injuries sustained as a result of an accident. That said, without qualifying for an exception to limited tort law, you can still recover for economic losses, like loss of wages or transportation costs.  The key is finding the right Philadelphia injury lawyer.

      Here are some of the common exceptions to limited tort coverage:

      • The other driver in the accident has a car registered out-of-state
      • You were in an accident with a drunk driver
      • The accident left you with a severe or permanent injury
      • Your car/truck was a commercial vehicle

      Whether you believe you qualify for one of these exceptions or not, it is still wise to consult one of Philadelphia’s best injury attorneys who knows about limited tort law. With twenty years of experience, we understand exactly how your limited tort policy will play out in your situation. After a free consultation with one of our premier Philadelphia accident lawyers, you’ll be advised on what the best course of action for your case is.







      Our Team Understands Serious Injury Exception

      According to Pennsylvania law, a serious injury is defined as a personal injury that causes death, serious impairment of routine, bodily function or a severe disfigurement. If your injuries are minor, they likely will not be an exception to your limited tort policy. This can be unfortunate, as even small injuries can cause strain and chronic pain that hampers our daily routine.

      Even if you have suffered a serious injury that should qualify as an exception to limited tort law, the insurance company of the at-fault party will try and undermine the severity of your injuries. After all, they are interested in paying out as little as possible in damages.

      This is just another reason why you want one of the top limited tort lawyers in Philadelphia on your side. We’ll go to bat for you in proving that your injuries are not only severe enough to be an exception to your limited tort policy but also protect you from any further attempts by the insurance company to diminish your claim and just compensation.

      Why You Want The Best Limited Tort Lawyer in Philadelphia

      Accident victims sometimes choose to represent themselves and attempt to navigate the convoluted claims process on their own. Rarely do these individuals recover the damages they had hoped to.

      Sometimes this is because of their limited tort policy, but other times it is a simple matter of settling for too little of an offer from the insurance company. Remember, they are hoping to pay you as little as they can.

      Having the finest injury attorney in Philadelphia on your side means not only improving your chances of having a successful claims case but also protecting yourself from settling too quickly or for an amount that leaves you paying for part of the bill. At our Law Offices, success means you, the client, recovering the amount of damages you deserve and are owed.

      Determining The Extent Of Your Damages With A Leading Limited Tort Attorney In Philly

      Sometimes, understanding the correct amount of damages to recover can be difficult because some personal injuries are long-term and don’t immediately seem like a worrisome issue. For example, a small tinge of back pain could evolve into a debilitating injury that affects your daily routine and can even make it difficult to walk and move around.

      With our experience as a highly rated injury attorney in Philadelphia, we have connections with some of the best medical professionals in various fields of study and specializations. We will help get your injuries professionally evaluated and better determine the potential long term effects.

      In many cases, we’ve leveraged the knowledge of these medical professionals to provide expert testimony on behalf of our clients. Their testimony can even help you recover more in your case, as they’ll be able to identify long-term injuries better.

      Our focus, is strictly to the real victims – regular people like you – and not on large corporations, insurance companies or other entities of that nature. Thus, our twenty years of experience is solely in representing individuals and understanding how to win cases for them.

      Through this focused experience, we’ve come to learn all of the tactics and ploys that insurance companies and large corporations will use to try and pay the smallest amount of damages possible. Our Philadelphia limited tort accident lawyers will help you avoid these potential pitfalls.

      Because we only work with individuals and not companies, we’ve developed the best approach to handling personal injury cases. This strategy centers around helping our clients understand the stages and various components of their unique claims case. We’ve found that this helps create a less stressful environment because clients feel more in control when they understand what is going on.




          Preparation Is The Key 

          Again, the other party’s insurer is likely going to do everything in their power to pay you the least amount possible in damages. The sooner you contact us, the better we can prepare you for the questioning and potential traps that those big insurance companies utilize to succeed in their goal to pay you less than you deserve.

          Without the the very best injury attorney in Philadelphia at your side, you’ll be left to handle the tough questioning of an insurance company. This can cause a tremendous amount of stress, especially when considering that saying the wrong thing could very negatively impact the chance of winning your case.

          Why Having The Premier Limited Tort Attorney In Philly Means Zero Stress For You

          When accident victims with limited tort resort to handling their case on their own, they not only face a smaller chance of having a successful claim process but also put themselves in a situation that can cause a tremendous amount of stress. Leveraging a skilled accident lawyer in Philly, on the other hand, almost guarantees a hassle-free case.

          At our Law Offices, we know how important limited stress is for you. After all, your injuries or the accident event itself has produced enough pressure and mental anguish in your life. Why make it any worse? Our team provides superior knowledge and counsel on how to properly move from each stage of the claims process because we find that this makes it a more comfortable and relaxed situation for you.

          Once you meet and sit down with one of our accident lawyers for a free consultation, you’ll be beginning the journey towards putting this terrible event and potential injuries behind you. In other words, we’ll be working together to get you to a place where life feels healthy again, and there are not these painful stressors hanging over you.

          What Does The Best Limited Tort Attorney In Philly Cost

          Our commitment to creating a hassle-free environment surrounding you and your unique accident case is why we offer such a relaxed pay structure. Too often do people avoid the right legal solution in Philadelphia because they fear what it will cost them. Thus, we provide a free consultation for all potential clients

          Then, if we think you have a legitimate case, we’ll only ask for payment after we are successful in recovering the damages you are owed. Essentially, you don’t have to pay us at all until after you’ve been paid. There is no risk, and you should not hesitate to contact us and set up a free consultation with one of our finest injury attorneys.

          Alternatively, some people avoid legal help because they are bedridden at home or in a hospital and don’t have the means to meet a lawyer. No problem. We’ll visit you wherever you are in Philadelphia, even at the hospital, to discuss the foundation of your claims case and path to recovering damages.

          Get Help From Some of the Best Accident Lawyers In Philadelphia Today

          After an accident, especially one involving personal injury, a lot is going on. You may be in and out of doctor’s offices, struggling to get back to work or facing any number of other stressors as a result of the incident. It can be difficult to know where to turn to next or what you should be doing to recover damages and ensure you are protected against the medical bills, loss of wages and other expenses that are beginning to multiply.


          Fortunately, we are ready to help you. Even if you only have limited tort coverage from your insurance, there still may be ways for us to work with you to create a case. Do not hesitate to contact our offices to schedule your sit down with one of our top limited tort layers.


          We’ll find a time that is convenient for you, so you don’t have to stress over making the appointment. If you are suffering from a debilitating injury and cannot leave your home or the hospital, we’ll come to you. We don’t want you to spend another moment worrying about your accident or how you’ll recover damages alone. We’ll work with you and for you.